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“Metal, nothing more nothing less” a bold statement.

Many a band claim their style of metal cannot be defined by a few words or cannot be put into “a box”…………

until proven wrong.

DEEM INDEX was not afraid to lay claim to this statement as well, by just calling it “Metal, nothing more nothing less”.

With the release of their debut EP VAIN // VOID it was time for the critics to see if this bold statement could hold.

It seems DEEM INDEX was proven right. Here are some quotes about what has been said about DEEM INDEX:


From the opening track 'Nihility in Equivalence' the melodic riffing of NWOBHM bursts through. The vocal;

perfectly capable Death Growls. This whole track has a great, head nodding rhythm to it. 'Pandemonium As A

Virtue' has a beautiful, Heavy Metal lead riff. A thrashier pace to the drums at times. Even though the vocal is

growled it just isn't sinister sounding music. The beauty of the melody just pipes it down a bit. I have a new

name for the style; it's Death Metal for those that don't do Death Metal.

Black Phoenix Rising


Thrash with a pinch of Gothenburg, a dash of Glam and a slice of Death. DEEM INDEX hosts many a style, their

main motto: As long as it rocks! ….. DEEM INDEX knows how to cleverly combine variable influences into one

clear whole piece – Although the tracks on the EP have many differences there is still a clear line within the


Metalfrom NL


The five tracks featuring on DEEM INDEX’s EP VAIN // VOID shows that the band has a wide spectrum of

influences. Where some critics may say that the band is still looking or can’t make up their mind, you can state

that the band is not monotonous and can surprise their listeners.

White Room Reviews


Great reviews like these and their energetic stage show made it possible for DEEM INDEX to share the stage with amazing national and international bands like Kataklysm (CAN), Dew-Scented (GER), Inside the Artist’s Head (SWE), Eyes Wide Open (SWE), The Very End (GER), Bodyfarm (NL), Blood Red Throne (NOR), Distillator (NL), For I am King (NL), MagnaCult (NL), Bring on the Bloodshed (NL) and many more.

And providing them the Headline spot at The Unborn Fest 2016 on Terceira, the Azores, Portugal. 



Ronald Vocals

Jelmer Guitar

Lars Guitar

Leonie Bass

Elwin Drums



"One thing is for sure. These guys knows how to make good fucking metal."
Chris Barkensjö
Drummer of  Swedish Metal bands Lik and Witchery


De avond opent met de Arnhemse Death/Trash-en-nog-meer band Deem Index. Zonder aankondiging opent deze band de avond met keiharde gitaren en een enorme scheur van zanger Ronald. Deem Index speelt vanavond vooral nummers van hun aankomende EP. De band typeert zichzelf op hun facebookpage als “ a blend of “Gothenburg” style Melodic Death, Thrash and Old and New School Metal. Or as they like to call it: “Metal, nothing more, nothing less”. Dat is ook precies wat het is. Heavy Metal meets screamo, een beetje thrash hier en daar en af toe wat death. Deem Index mixt van alles door elkaar en creeert daarmee een unieke stijl waar ik nog even aan moet wennen, maar wat zeker niet verkeerd klinkt.

De live performance van deze band is rete-strak en beukt lekker .............

(Metal from NL)

Alhoewel de band hun stijl omschrijft als “metal, nothing more, nothing less”, is de muziek ook te omschrijven als een aanstekelijke mix van onder andere melodic death metal en thrash metal. Deem Index is net een achtbaan. De muziek laat je niet los. Eenmaal bijgekomen, wil je meer en meer!  (Rockportaal)

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